Thursday, October 4, 2012

You put that where!? Quince

And you put that where!?



I think is time I take you guys home with me to Spain!!! Umm no no put your bags away and stop trying to find your Passport!!!


 And you.. yea you.. You know you can have that on a plane!!! What am I going to do with you guys!!!

 Ok Back to Quinces, pronounce (Kwins), Or Membrillo as us Spaniards people call it.

Dulce de membrillo is a reddish paste made of the Quince fruit. 


The membrillo has sweet and floral notes; because of its taste the Membrillo is served with the country’s famous slightly salty Manchego Cheese.  This combination is Especially Divine. 


Quinces are an unusual fruit; because they are almost always eaten cooked, unless you find ones that when thru a double frost and ripen process where you can eat them raw. (Not a specialist on this so I’ll stop here on the eating of them raw) Sticking to what I do and have done with this fruit cooked it and made delicious dishes!!!


 The raw quince is yellow, acidic and astringent, but here comes the magic, when cooked the fruit turns into a beautiful pink and tender, and amazingly sweet and tasty.


 You want to always peel the quince before cooking.

Ill post my Apple and Quince crisp and Cinnamon Coconut ice-cream  recipe... So delicious!!! 

 If you have any other great fruits and veggies that are a bit strange Comment or Email and let me know and ill do the research and Feature them!!!

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