Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I know I just talk and talk about this... but I love animals and I am all about helping our animals... So I have have been working with a couple of different people to get donations to these shelters that really need it. 

Oh by the way...  Special thanks too...

Dana Wilcox from Little Rock

Jake Loyd NY, NY

Ashley Green Brooklyn, NY and

Will Albany, NY

For your donations. I sent you guys individual emails and pics of some of the animals that will get special care and food. Thank you a ton. Like I mention before I am not wealthy but I do work for a living and I work hard for our animals. So I managed to match the donations 100% thru some sponsors and my own contribution. So Keep the donations coming gang. On that note.

I am in the works to get some swag for you guys that donate and Love animals as much as me!!! I am working on designing a shirt (super awesome none ordinary original design) and some other cool stuff like a underwear or something like that... Stay tune for more on this as I keep working out a deal to make sure 100% of all proceeds go to a couple charities and also the material is 100% green. 

So thank you again for visiting the site... checking my healthy recipes and checking on my Organic and vegetarian life style. From my kitchen to Your'z... Bear HugZ!!!!

Ohh and more pictures of my little angel FANG!!!! I'm already in love with this little nugget!

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