Monday, October 1, 2012

Sneak Peek Monday!!!

 Here is a little Big sneak peek of the week of blogging!!!


Wait what was I talking about... Oh yeah... Sneak peak with new formatting.


Tuesday: Is all about you So I will be posting a random viewer question and response... I will be keeping the people anonymous so don't be shy to ask whatever you want. I will be picking the question tomorrow so you still have time to summit your question.



Feature Recipe Wednesday: for this week.

Persimmon and Peach salsa



 Thursday: You put that where!? Quince



Finally we finish the week with 

Hot Hunk Friday!!! This week: Openly gay actor Matt Bomer


And What's on your plate Saturdays. 

Stay tune!!!

From my kitchen to yours!!!! Bear HugZ!!! and Happy Eating!

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