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Hi to all that visit my page!

My name is Mike T and I'm 29 years old.

I have wonderful family composing of 2 brothers and 2 Sister me being the youngest. I never really felt like the youngest cause I grew up way to quick. My mom who I love to death introduce me to cooking from a young age she was and is always cooking up a mean storm.  I'm a new yorker live in NYC till I was a senior in high school. Senior year my parents decided that moving to Pennsylvania was the best thing so we packed up and moved to PA. I graduated high school and when to Pennsylvania college of Technology Penn State. That is when my passion for cooking really started. I enrolled in the culinary program and well 10+ years later here I am blogging about my passion food. 

But let me not get ahead of my self this is not just about food. I recently embarked on a life changing journey to be healthy and really do right for my body so I decided to change my eating habits and cut meat out of my diet completely which makes me a vegetarian. I also stop eating dairy and Gluten... I know I know, but is totally awesome and finally I cook a lot I mean a lot of vegan meals. Now I'm not vegan because I still enjoy to eat Fish like Salmon.. love Salmon, but besides that I enjoy and create vegan recipes. Now what does this mean... it means that I when from almost 300 pounds. 

To 240 and dropping.

Now I still have about 40 more pounds for my goal healthy weight but this has been an amazing journey that could only get better as I learn and progress.  Well that is about it in a nutshell. I'm writing this blog to share what I have gather and continue to gather and learn in my Journey. So you are welcomed to join me!

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