Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Persimmon and Peach Salsa

Persimmon  And Peach Salsa

I'm a man of my word so I promised a Great recipe for Persimmons and what is better than fresh Home made Salsa!!! 


As you guys continue to get to know me you will see how much I love to make Salsa... is just so good. So I make Salsa at least Once a month.


Ingredients: (you can adjust these to your licking specially if your making more or less salsa)

2 Delicious Persimmons ( read the post on them to know which is the best pick)

3 Peaches 

Hand full of Cilantro

Juice of 2 Limes

1/2 red onion

1 medium tomato

1/2 a yellow pepper

1 teaspoon Fresh ginger

 salt and Pepper (to taste)


You have two choices here... If you are a good cut like me you can cut all the fruit and veggies into 1/4 cubes Place in a bowl add the lime and spices and taste and adjust and be done... but if you are using a blender or hopefully food processor you will want to...

Roughly Cut the fruits and veggies toss with lime juice, cilantro and spices.

Place in food processor and pulse until the desire texture is achieve. Now you can place back in the bowl and toss and adjust salt and pepper levels to taste.

Remember that as it sits in the fridge the flavor profile will get stronger... so be easy on the salt. 


Well there you have it super delicious and super Yummy Persimmons Peach Salsa!!!  From my kitchen to yours!!!! Bear HugZ!!! and Happy Eating!

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