Friday, October 5, 2012

Donations are welcomed!

I wanted to use my blog to do a little good. I have since I was young volunteer and try to help just felt like it was a calling.



So I though I use the blog to extend that. I added a Donate button to the page, so you guys can help me with whatever you can. 


I donate every month to National Wild Life, Habitat for Humanity, Standup2cancer and My local Animal Charity...


I am blessed to have a job and I help with what I can every month. I will appreciate any donations and I will added the amount to my monthly donation. Like I said before Anything helps. I will add A Volunteer and Donate Tab with links to the websites so you can find your local Shelter or make your own personal contribution. Group Contributions will go in as "cooking the Organic Rainbow Community" You can also find if your in the local area Puppies and kittens that will be available for adoption. Like these two Rascals:

Bently: Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie, Dog; Oakland Park, FLBiff: Domestic Short Hair - Buff, Cat; Fort Lauderdale, FL

 These two are available for adoption at

You are not by any means obligated to donate to continue to enjoy my site. From my kitchen to yours!!! Bear HugZ!!!

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  1. I mention this before.. but if you can't donate you don't have too... Find a place with cause to you and yours and volunteer your time or you can click on any of the ad links and help that way as well... Thanks :)


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